Welcome from the CIO

Steve Fleagle

Technology is essential to nearly everything that happens at the University of Iowa and is key to many initiatives in the University of Iowa Strategic Plan. The strategic plan for OneIT focuses on initiatives that help to advance the UI plan.

I am proud of the work that went into the plan. It positions technology users and providers for success in the years ahead, with priorities in:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Research and creative discovery
  • Data
  • Continuing to foster collaboration as OneIT

What you won’t see in the strategic plan are the many operational and organizational effectiveness activities that are also key to the success of the UI and OneIT. These activities are critical and foundational, representing a large portion of the work we do. Collaboration with health care IT is also an important piece of how we operate and we will continue to build upon progress in joint service delivery and coordination.

We are developing an operational plan to prioritize our operational initiatives with our strategic ones. This will provide a holistic picture of our work and ensure our ability to execute all of the important efforts.

You may also notice that certain key activities, such as information security, IT support and service management, artificial intelligence, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are not called out with a separate section in the plan. That is because they are ubiquitous across all areas and incorporated within the strategic initiatives.

The plan was developed by OneIT leaders from Information Technology Services and distributed IT units in colleges and administrative units. In addition to complementing the UI plan, we worked with campus partners to identify trends and other factors that would influence our strategic direction. We incorporated feedback from the IT community and campus stakeholders.

Thank you to everyone who helped shape the plan. Our next step is to develop year-one tactics to achieve our goals. I look forward to working with our IT Strategic Plan Action and Resource Committee (SPARC) and the IT community to implement this unified vision for the future.

Steve Fleagle (he/him)
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer



Strategic Planning members gather around to form a plan

Trusted Partners

Our partners' mission is our mission. We deliver technology solutions to enable primary-mission activities of the institution.

Strategic Plan members discuss a new plan

Invested in IT Professionals

We engage with and invest in all IT professionals and units. We cultivate IT communities, commemorate achievements, and ensure all IT professionals have a voice.

Strategic Plan members discuss new strategic plan

Inclusive and Collaborative

We work as a unified, integrated IT community, relying on engagement and diverse perspectives to guide IT decisions. We hold each other accountable to identify and eliminate bias and risk, and do what is best for the institution.

Strategic Plan members work together to discuss new plan

Effective and Strategic

We continually balance IT resources and coordinate efforts to provide no-gap service. We provide accessible, positive, consistent experiences across services and support networks.

Goal 1: Teaching and Learning

OneIT will advance excellence in teaching and learning by engaging campus partners, leading, and supporting effective instruction, services, and systems.

Goal 2: Research & Creative Discovery

OneIT will enable and accelerate research and interdisciplinary collaboration by providing a campus-wide framework that is responsive to the needs of the research community.

Goal 3: Data

OneIT, along with campus partners, will align data strategy to support the UI Strategic Plan. Through collaboration with the Data SPARC team, OneIT will provide the data and solutions needed to make data-driven decisions to meet the business and academic objectives of the institution.

Goal 4: OneIT Initiatives

Implement comprehensive improvements to OneIT as a concept and as a culture to build the agility, capacity, capability, and structures required to support the institutional mission and enable reliable, agile, secure, and cost-effective technology infrastructure and services.

Printable Version of the OneIT Strategic Plan

Need a printable version of the OneIT Strategic Plan? Download a copy.

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OneIT Strategic Planning Action and Resource Committee

The OneIT Strategic Planning Action and Resource Committee (SPARC) is charged with implementing the OneIT Strategic Plan. SPARC members have accountability in specific areas based on their expertise to ensure strategies are implemented that support the plan’s objectives and goals.