OneIT leaders held a retreat over the summer to discuss and test a proposed governance process. Here's a recap of where we are at with governance.

Great progress has been made in the migration of hundreds of UI websites to the cloud website hosting provider Acquia. Information Technology Services has moved 350 sites it hosted on on-premises servers for various campus units (Drupal sites on the SiteNow service), and should have the remaining 150 done this week. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences finished migrating its 64 sites, and Nursing and Admissions completed their migrations. The Graduate College is finishing up and the College of Dentistry is next.

In partnership with campus units, the End User Support (EUS) project team continues to make good headway in implementation of its three sub-projects. Several units have or are in the process of transitioning to the centralized model for desktop support, device management, or help desk services.