Membership and charges for the six OneIT Councils are being finalized; each council's page will be linked off the governance section of this site once it's available.

As the councils have taken shape, so has the OneIT Strategy Team's roster. The Stratety Team comprises the chair and facilitator of each council, along with Chief Information Officer Steve Fleagle. This group will look broadly across all six council areas to prioritize activities and coordinate the overall direction of OneIT.

The Program Office’s work is winding down as more OneIT projects and processes are operationalized. With the governance structure formed, the Operations and Strategy Teams will take on responsibilities such as monitoring project progress.

Additional detail on the OneIT governance process, such as how a project will flow through the process, will be shared at a Town Hall this spring.

OneIT is executing a mass communication campaign, including this Iowa Now story, to let campus know that Two-Step Login will be required for Employee Self-Service starting Feb. 22, and that in the future Two-Step will be extended to more systems containing sensitive data.

The majority of employees are enrolled in Two-Step, but there are more to go. Starting this week, targeted weekly emails will be sent to those who haven’t enrolled. IT professionals can help by reminding people to enroll and assisting them if necessary. (Instructions are at

OneIT is piloting a skills inventory to obtain a more accurate, complete view of the skills and technical interests of our IT professionals at UI. The skills inventory is intended engage IT professionals across campus to ensure we are each growing, learning, and contributing to UI at our fullest potential.