Several IT professionals have transitioned to new roles or teams related to OneIT projects and initiatives. One important aspect of change-management is to follow up with these individuals, as well as the teams they have joined, to see how things are going for everyone, and to make adjustments where needed.

The past two months, change-management consultants met with individuals and teams involved with the End User Support Project, and others whose jobs changed as they accepted new roles or responsibilities. Feedback from the sessions was anonymized and shared with IT leaders and managers, and have already resulted in some refinements to processes and team structures.

The Procurement of Software and Hardware Project team recently reported to the OneIT Operations Team on the status of its four subprojects. Two subprojects are complete, and two are in progress.

The OneIT Data Centers and Servers Project team recently decommissioned its 21st server room, and the project is now two-thirds complete. In total, 32 server rooms are in scope for the project.