Newly digitized copies of the Brinton Collection - a cache of century-old films preserved with help from the UI Libraries - reside on servers managed by ITS’s Large Scale Storage service, home to the UI Libraries massive digital archive. Originally designed to support researchers, the LSS is available to individuals and units university-wide.

The Brinton Collection itself runs about 15 terabytes, or nearly 31 times the storage found on a typical desktop computer.

Two subprojects from the OneIT Human Resources project have been closed out. The focus of the assessment tools subproject was developing a method and tools to help facilitate staff mobility and deliver a consistent approach to analysis of skills, realignment of work and movement of staff related to the implementation of OneIT projects.

The OneIT printing project is currently in its initiation phase, with a formal project team and documents yet to be developed. Its general goals are to reduce printing costs through lower consumable costs and sharing printers where possible, and to raise awareness about the cost of printing. A recent “print summit” brought together stakeholders to discuss steps for getting the project rolling.