Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Fleagle reflects on OneIT’s role as a strategic partner on key University of Iowa initiatives and highlights new technology solutions that are enabling students, instructors, and researchers to succeed.

CIO Welcome Message

Artificial Intelligence blue white and black computer parts photo with AI words in the middle

Learning and leading as AI evolves

New guidance, tools, and other resources balance potential and challenges

$10.5 million

in savings for students

ICON Direct provides discounted digital access to eTexts and course materials. It hit the $10 million mark in savings for students this year, five years after its inception.

442.8 million

in learning interactions data

Data from ICON and other technology tools used in courses provides instructors with a more comprehensive understanding of their students’ engagement.

42,231 hours

recorded in UICapture

In 2023, 7,083 individuals used the digital media platform to record audio, video, and on-screen content for later playback.

86 %

say they’d use My Career Path

Student testers underscore the value of the forthcoming site, which helps users develop personalized career-planning checklists.

classroom with students and instructors viewing class materials on a projector screen

Unlocking insights for instructors

A cross-team collaboration develops a new analytics platform that helps instructors create supportive learning environments
Screenshot of the "My Career Path" website

Helping students chart personalized career paths

P3-funded initiative aims to expand access to career services
ICON All Stars - Vicky and UISG president Mitch giving award to Kashelle

Celebrating instructional technology and teaching excellence

Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology launches new award to recognize instructors

60 %

increase in high-performance computing (HPC) capacity

Updates to the HPC cluster and data-analytics environment will help meet growing demands for strategically important areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning.


research documents submitted for plagiarism review

A new tool called iThenticate allows researchers to proactively check their work to ensure proper citation.150 researchers from every UI college used it in 2023.


databases moved to ITS infrastructure

New partnership offers 24/7 support for the Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center at the College of Public Health.


pilot studies funded

The Iowa Initiative for Artificial Intelligence supports work by researchers campus wide. It’s part of a larger push to expand Iowa’s AI talent pool.


faculty and staff recruits

The Iowa Health Data Resource has built a team of liaisons trained to design research projects that use clinical data.

Professor in her classroom working on her computer

Aiding research and creative discovery

Technology investments include enhancements to centrally provided computational services, more training, and a new plagiarism-detection tool called iThenticate
UI Health Care staff members reviewing scans on a piece of medical equipment

Building a reputation in big data

Health and IT collaborations are attracting contracts, researchers, and respect

3.2 million

chat messages sent on Microsoft Teams

Users also posted 183,000 messages to channels and attended 67,000 meetings within the collaboration and video-conferencing platform.

16.9 miles

of new fiber optic cable in the ground

The high-speed network delivers fast, reliable internet service to the campus.


accidental fiber cuts

Avoiding damage to fiber prevents disruptions to university communications. Enterprise Infrastructure also reported zero extensions to the campus network that destabilize the network and violate policy.


total ITS Help Desk contacts

All UI students and employees can receive support by phone, walk-in, chat, or email.


asset-management systems consolidated

More than 57,000 university computers, displays, mobile devices, and printers are now tracked through a unified platform called Cherwell.


IT support requests resolved

The ITS Extended Technical Support teams and service center handle the IT support and equipment needs of university departments.

Campus technical trainer Alex Hammes presents the Microsoft Teams: An Introduction training course in UCC

Collaboration grows with Microsoft Teams

The communication platform connects campus more each day
ITS Help Desk walk-in area in UCC

Enhancing security, systems, and infrastructure

Projects included improvements to device and email security, networks and storage systems, financial-aid processing tools, and office space