The OneIT Roadmaps outline many of the current and planned technology projects happening on campus in the next two years, providing transparency and helping to coordinate IT initiatives. They include major operational projects and strategic efforts. Some initiatives are clearly defined, while others need more definition.

The roadmaps were developed by the seven OneIT councils, with input from the IT community and other key stakeholders, and address OneIT's nine strategic goals. Some roadmap projects align neatly with a strategic goal and council domain, while others cross or overlap.

The roadmaps guide OneIT's efforts with the understanding that timelines may need to adjust as priorities shift or unexpected projects arise. Roadmaps will be updated twice a year, with progress tracked in between. The annual roadmap cycle is being timed to align with the UI budget process and the governance around it, to ensure funding and resource decisions are informed by priority initiatives on the roadmaps.

January 2022 Roadmaps

Academic Technology Advisory Council Roadmap-Jan 2022-spreadsheet

Academic Technology Advisory Council Roadmap–Accessible Version

General IT Services Council Roadmap-Jan 2022-spreadsheet

General IT Services Council Roadmap-Jan 2022-Accessible Version


The Information Risk and Policy Roadmap is available to the UI IT community through the OneIT Intranet site.