Friday, June 2, 2023

Dave Kelly headshot

In April, Executive Director of Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) Ben Rogers announced he would step down from his role in Information Technology Services (ITS), but will stay on at 50% time until Oct. 6 to help the transition. Dave Kelly, director of Technology Platform Services in EI, will become interim director of EI on June 30, reporting to Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Fleagle. This arrangement will be in place at least through summer.

Kelly joined ITS in 2007 and has served as director of Technology Platform Services (TPS) for the past three and a half years. In this role, he has been responsible for three teams delivering services for virtualization and hosting, enterprise storage, enterprise backup and restore, enterprise SQL server management, monitoring, Amazon Web Services and Azure cloud, network load balancing, and operating system lifecycle management for Windows and Linux. Throughout his tenure in EI, he has also worked as a senior systems administrator, a systems architect, and cloud team manager.

Rogers will work with Kelly and prepare to onboard the future leader of EI. He will wrap up some projects that are easier to complete than hand off; examples include finalizing the FY24 EI budget, disaster recovery, and finishing the ITS work arrangement research project with the Tippie College of Business.

A search for a leader of EI is planned with a goal of having the new individual in place by October. As long-term plans for EI are developed, ITS leaders will coordinate with Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) to look for opportunities to build upon the successes of past and current collaborations, leverage efficiencies, and provide seamless technology services across the entire institution. They will review three functions in infrastructure for potential integration: data centers, networking, and physical infrastructure. The goal is to have these discussions complete in a month or two and leaders will keep the IT community updated as plans take shape.

"The work EI does is critical to the success and stability of the university," Fleagle says. "I am grateful to Dave for taking on this role, to Ben for providing support and guidance in the coming months as we work through next steps, and to Chris Lawrence, who is helping to cover Dave’s duties in TPS through this interim period. "