The SPARK project kickoff team included:

  • Lisa Carmack, HCIS Human Resources
  • Nick Carino-Marek, ITS Enterprise Services
  • William Dawson, HCIS
  • Hermann Hounkponou, HCIS
  • Andy Jenkins, Graduate College
  • José Jiménez, Research Information Systems
  • Katie Kahler, OneIT Project Management Office
  • Jamie Matthews, ITS Enterprise Services
  • Rachel Napoli, Office of the CIO
  • Heidi McLaughlin, ITS Human Resources
  • Dagong Wang, Business Services
  • Todd Weissenberger, Information Security and Policy Office

While many of them continue to be active participants in advancing opportunities for growth, we have established a new team to help with the SPARK project. The SPARK project has been updated in February 2022 by:

  • Justin Hess
  • Jerry Protheroe
  • Sue Julich
  • José Jiménez

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