This group is charged by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to:

  • Assist in setting the strategic agenda for IT infrastructure decisions
  • Ensure that outcomes and decisions are communicated back to the campus
  • Advocate for necessary IT infrastructure resource allocations
  • Ensure that appropriate stakeholders have an opportunity for input and reaction
  • Create and charge subcommittees or task forces as necessary for deeper exploration or engagement
  • Provide council responsibilities as part of IT governance:
    • Raise and collect council-specific issues
    • Analyze issues and make recommendations
    • Engage other IT governance groups, university governance groups, and general campus stakeholders as appropriate

Infrastructure and Architecture Council Members

The IT Infrastructure Domain Committee is led by a chair and a facilitator. The chair provides leadership by prioritizing discussions, and identifying the need for subcommittees and task forces. The functional work of the group is managed by the facilitator (setting up meetings and distributing information). Agendas are jointly developed and managed by the chair and the facilitator.

 Meetings are facilitated by the Senior IT Director of ITS Enterprise Infrastructure. A chair will be chosen bi-annually from the membership. Membership will include representatives from ITS, Healthcare Information Systems, Collegiate IT, Administrative IT, and other representatives with a strong connection to campus IT Infrastructure. In general, members will serve three-year terms and new members will be nominated through consultation with the committee and OneIT Leaders.

 Subcommittees or ad hoc task forces may be created and charged by council membership to study and advise on specific questions or recommendations.

  • Ben Rogers (facilitator), senior IT director, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Brian Beninga (chair), Sscurity operations director, Information Security and Policy Office
  • Brad Carson, senior systems administrator, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Ed Hill, senior application architect, ITS Administrative Information Systems
  • Andrew Holland, senior application developer, UI Libraries
  • Katie Kahler, project manager, IT Project Management Office
  • Tino Kaltsas, associate director, Learning Spaces Technology, ITS Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology
  • Chris Lawrence, cloud solutions architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Matt McLaughlin, chief technology officer, College of Engineering
  • Sarne Moore, senior systems administrator, Facilities Management
  • Greg Nims, systems administrator, University Housing
  • Brian Ring, senior systems administrator, ITS Research Services
  • Tim Shie, IT director, College of Public Health
  • Joe Wagner, senior IT director, Health Care Information Systems