University administrative systems encompass a diverse set of university functions including financials, human resources, student records, library automation, central business office functions, research administration, facilities management, and student life. Administrative data is all the data created, collected, maintained, managed or warehoused by these administrative systems. The administrative systems portfolio includes both vendor-supplied and internally developed applications. These enterprise systems can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

The Administrative Data and Systems (ADS) Governance Council is responsible for creating a framework that:

  • Addresses the broad campus-wide administrative IT issues
  • Provides a campus perspective
  • Facilitates joint planning, prioritization, and quick decisions
  • Aligns projects and support efforts with university priorities
  • Promotes collaboration across IT service providers, primary and secondary customers, and constituents
  • Ensures operational fidelity of administrative IT systems
  • Creates effective communication paths

Administrative Data and System Governance Council Charge

The ADS Governance Council will be responsible for:

  • Serving as a forum for communication and campus feedback regarding Administrative Data and Systems
  • Establishing an efficient communication structure that enables ongoing cooperation and coordination across campus to ensure efficient and effective delivery of administrative IT solutions
  • Creating and communicating an administrative IT vision that supports the university’s mission and goals
  • Providing direction, recommendations, and oversight for administrative computing initiatives
  • Developing methods for collecting, analyzing, and aligning administrative IT requests with strategic directions
  • Coordinating the plan of campus-wide administrative computing projects consistent with current architecture, standards, and policy
  • Creating and overseeing special subcommittees, task forces, and focus groups

At the highest level, Administrative Data and System IT governance initiatives are supported by executive sponsors who understand the importance of administrative systems, provide a high-level institutional perspective, champion administrative IT projects and strategies, and ensure the appropriate ADS Governance Council composition and structure. ADS Governance Executive Sponsors are:

  • Sue Curry, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Steve Fleagle, Chief Information Officer
  • Terry Johnson, University Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
  • Rod Lehnertz, Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations
  • Cheryl Reardon, Chief Human Resources Officer

Additional sponsorship and oversight is provided by the OneIT Strategy Team.

Administrative Data and System Governance Council Members

The ADS Governance Council will consist of appropriate representatives from the campus administrative IT providers and their stakeholders. By including representatives from both the providers and consumers of administrative IT systems, there can be more direct interaction, planning, and priority setting for administrative IT initiatives. It is important that there be representatives from all campus constituents. Additional council members will be appointed as liaisons by the Chief Information Officer and OneIT Strategy Team.

The ADS Governance Council and activities will be co-led by a facilitator and a chair. The facilitator will be the Senior IT Director of ITS-Administrative Information Systems and the Chairperson will be selected from one of the ADS Governance Council campus representatives. The co-leaders will be responsible for ADS planning, managing meetings, ensuring appropriate stakeholder reporting, and representing the ADS Governance Council on the OneIT Strategy Team.

  • Information Technology Services - Administrative Information Systems: Mike Noel, Senior IT Director (council facilitator and co-chair)
  • Collegiate Representation (Dentistry): Scott Arneson (council co-chair), Chuck McBrearty
  • Human Resources: Joni Troester, Michael Kaplan
  • Health Care Information Systems: Joe Wagner
  • Facilities Management: Lynne Finn, Steve Sawyer
  • Institutional Data: Brenda Ulin
  • Business Services: Jim Sayre, Dagong Wang, Debby Zumbach
  • Finance and Operations: Jason Heath, Selina Martin, Audra Haddy, Dagong Wang, Debby Zumbach
  • Student Life: Teri Schnelle, Brandon Mills
  • Vice President for Research and Economic Development: Jennifer Lassner, Jose Jimenez
  • Student Information Systems: Bill Evanson, Tanya Uden-Holman, Brent Gage
  • Library: Paul Soderdahl, Susan Julich
  • Academic: Annette Beck, Bill Evanson

Campus functional and technical representatives will be invited to participate on an ad hoc basis for subcommittees and task forces.