CIO Welcome: 2018 Year in Review

OneIT Leaders
Welcome to the 2018 OneIT Year in Review. My hope for this year is not only to highlight OneIT’s accomplishments, but to convey the overall the value information technology provides to campus. 

In the review, you will learn about investments in research computing to address technology needs being articulated by campus, including demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI), accelerated computing using Graphics Processing Units (GPU), and tools for interactive data analytics and data sharing. You’ll see how IT supports student success through new curricular planning tools in MyUI and through Elements of Success—a learning analytics platform that provides real-time data on how they are performing in class. And, you’ll find out how business intelligence tools are delivering data to aid in decision-making in areas such as enrollment management, budgeting, and program planning. 

OneIT also made great strides as an organization in 2018. Over the past three years, our IT community came together as OneIT, significantly increasing collaboration and communication across organizational boundaries to better support the institutional mission. This year we leveraged that progress to develop the first OneIT Strategic Plan, providing a unified, strategic direction for information technology at the University of Iowa. The OneIT Leaders, pictured at right, were instrumental in the strategic planning process and gathered valuable input from stakeholders in each unit. To provide transparency and to coordinate and prioritize projects, we developed OneIT Roadmaps outlining strategic and major operational projects for the next two years.  

This year we made excellent progress in integrating OneIT and Health Care Information Systems to leverage scale and complementary strengths, help the UI keep pace with the growing demand for IT services, and provide campus with a more seamless IT experience. The IT security offices merged, and sharing talents, tools, and expertise has strengthened security across the entire institution. We set a long-term course to move to a single ID and a single email and calendaring system, which will greatly improve the experience of faculty, staff, and students—especially those who interact with both health care and university IT systems. A core team was charged to guide integration efforts forward. 

Another 2018 milestone was completion of the TIER projects, initiated through a Board of Regents effort to improve efficiency and reduce expenses so resources could be reinvested into core-mission activities. The three-year effort comprised 16 projects, including consolidating data centers and implementing a shared service model for end user support. The projects achieved $4.4 million in recurring savings.

IT is a partner in virtually everything that happens at the University of Iowa, and we anticipate that dependency on technology will only increase going forward. My colleague Brad Wheeler, CIO at Indiana University, says it well: “almost everything foreseeable regarding our mission of research and education will become more technologically-intensive—more dependent on commodity, specialized, advanced, and integrated technologies to achieve that mission within costs that our revenues can sustain.” 

I am proud of everything the OneIT community accomplished in 2018, and excited about what we are doing to prepare for the future as the demand for technology grows. Our IT community is dedicated to helping the University of Iowa thrive, and we are grateful for your support. 

Steve Fleagle 
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer


students used Elements of Success
for real-time data on their academic performance
EoS uses data from graded assignments, quizzes, and exams to project grades. Research indicates students who use the tool tend to perform better in courses.
students created individualized plans of study,
generating 5,830 MyPlans
students used Schedule Builder
for registration in fall 2018
The tool builds conflict-free schedules based on student preferences and provides one-click registration. Students can create 10 schedules at a time.
Sample Plans of Study were published,
detailing recommended coursework for various majors
The Sample Plans represent programs from nine colleges, and can be exported to a student’s MyPlan as a starting point for long-term course planning.


researchers in 100 departments
are served by UI high-performance computing resources
20x faster
New Graphics Processing Unit capabilities
are significantly faster than traditional Central Processing Units
Code on screen

A rising star

StarExec supercomputer becomes go-to host for world’s logic-solving competitions


$1 million
saved by students
since the launch of ICON Direct, a platform for electronic textbooks
students are using ICON Direct
in 200 spring 2019 classes
UI Student Government passed a resolution in support of ICON Direct in September, citing its potential to enhance student success and help make higher education more affordable.
$4.4 million
in annual savings from TIER efficiency projects
is reinvested into core-mission activities
The three-year effort was completed this year. It comprised 16 IT projects, including consolidating data centers and implementing a shared-service model for end user support.
potential cyberattacks on UI PCs
were detected with powerful device-security tools
Eighty percent of the malicious cyberattacks were quickly and automatically quarantined so that faculty, staff, and students could continue to work while problems were being remediated.


number of times budget officers utilized
the new Collegiate Economic Analysis Business Intelligence Suite
The tool has been exceptionally valuable in tuition revenue projections and collegiate financial planning overall.
average GPA for fall 2018 incoming undergrads,
a UI record influenced by recruitment tactics that include predictive models
“We use predictive modeling to determine where we spend recruitment time, money, and resources. Counselors use data to decide which high schools to visit or which students to contact individually with email or postcards. Event staff use modeling to determine who received registration priority, and financial aid staff use it to manage scholarship budgets.” - Mike Hovland, director of enrollment management data.
visits to 40 campus locations were tracked with Swipe,
an app that helps units gather valuable audience data
Event attendees simply step up to one of the 65 kiosks on campus and swipe their IowaOne ID Card. Units then have the ability to marry the attendance data with demographic data that’s already on file in UI records to understand more about who’s attending their events.


riders arrived home safely
after requesting late-night transportation through the new NITE RIDE app
"Nite Ride helps me most when I get off of work in the early hours of the morning and I don't feel safe walking home. It’s also much more economically efficient than paying for an Uber every night." - Elaine Irvine, fourth year art and journalism major from Cedar Rapids
$1.5 million
donated to pediatric cancer patients and families
through the new-and-improved Dance Marathon Donation App
All online giving goes through the site, including 485,000 donated in one day this year. Now in its 25th year, UI Dance Marathon has raised over $24.5 million.
livestreams of commencement ceremonies
via the redesigned commencement website
December commencement ceremonies were streamed in over 32 countries, generating over 13,861 pageviews on the new site.
commencement website

Custom-building tools

UI-built apps and websites meet unique campus needs, from fundraising to wayfinding