In the coming year we will work to maintain the momentum of OneIT progress to stay on track with our savings and timeline targets. We will continue to make significant progress in two of our largest OneIT endeavors, the End User Support (EUS) and Data Center and Server (DCS) projects.

A dozen units have or are in the process of implementing the central model for help desk and technical support services, with 2,710 technology users now receiving their desktop support through the central service. We will expand the service to include more colleges and units in the coming year. The DCS team consolidated 17 server rooms this year and anticipates consolidating 25 more in the next two years.

Several initiatives are close to completing their project scope. The IT Project Management Office (IT PMO) is preparing to share its resources and expertise with campus. The Application Portfolio Management project team finished creating the initial portfolio, and we are now working on plans to ensure the data is maintained. With a framework in place, the Governance team is fleshing out details of the structure and processes for governance. The HR project is developing tools and strategies that will assist us in OneIT transitions and support our priorities of developing, recruiting, and retaining talent.

Four of the projects have not yet started due to dependencies on other efforts, and we are eager to move forward in the coming months with the Classroom & Collaboration Space IT Support, High-Performance Computing, Networking, and Printing initiatives.