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Website Hosting, Year in Review 2016

Increased Adoption of Drupal

  • The UI standardized its Web Content Management System (CMS) on Drupal, achieving efficiency and cost savings through consolidation of departmentally hosted sites. 
  • Drupal adoption continues to grow. Business, Engineering, and Education and the healthcare enterprise are moving to the system now used by nearly all of campus.  
  • Because Drupal is open-source software, the UI is able to avoid licensing fees for the CMS.

Migration to Cloud Web Hosting in Progress

  • The team expanded the scope of its project after discovering more savings could be had by moving Web hosting to a cloud provider, Acquia.

650 websites will be moved to Acquia cloud hosting by Sept. 2016, reducing hardware and software maintenance costs and enhancing traffic management and security

Drupal Signage Launched as Campus Service

  • Teamwork across several units led to the establishment of a new enterprise service for digital signage.
  • The service expanded use of Drupal to digital signs, avoiding licensing fees of other solutions. 
  • Adoption of the free, easy-to-use service is growing rapidly.
    • 31 colleges, divisions, and departments representing over 70 units are on the new service.
  • Annual licensing renewals for previous digital signage solutions declined from 33 in 2015 to 7 in 2016, resulting in annual licensing fee savings of $3,900.

Customers Embrace Drupal Signage

Students Viewing Digital Signage
Expanding use of Drupal to digital signs saves time and money several ways, including convenience and ease of use.

Digital sign managers note that adding content is a much smoother process that can be done from anywhere, anytime. And, because Drupal is the predominant system used for Web content management on campus, it's familiar and intuitive.

A New, Efficient Way to Power Digital Signs

Identified compute sticks as more cost-effective and energy-efficient way to power digital signs. 187 compute sticks were deployed. Savings per stick: $150/year vs. running a sign with a PC
  • In addition to being more energy-efficient, the sticks are far less expensive to buy, and can run on wireless, eliminating the need for data ports and cabling.
  • Standardizing on a single device to provide computing for digital signage also yields technical support staff savings and less down time. Units have centrally imaged, deployed, and managed “hot swaps” available.

Units Participate in Digital Signage Hardware Exchange Program

Drupal Digital Signage Team
A hardware exchange program was launched to encourage Drupal Digital Signage customers to trade in aging, less efficient computers for small compute sticks. To date, 187 of the sticks are deployed—83 of which were provided through the program.