The Interactive Data Analytics Service (IDAS) is a high-performance computing (HPC) resource that supports large-scale and collaborative data analytics workflows involving RStudio for R and Jupyter Notebook for Python (but not limited to Python).

IDAS features its own HPC and graphics processing units (GPUs). Users can perform interactive data-analysis tasks with applications used for machine learning and other artificial intelligence workflows.

IDAS Jupyter Notebook serves general research and classroom needs, and was optimized during a pilot.

While RStudio for classroom use is available, commercial licensing terms changed and pricing increased as IDAS was being developed. Until a more affordable and dynamic license distribution method is available, Information Technology Services will proceed with the free RStudio classroom license.

In the future, a remote desktop feature will be added. Users will also be able to access the additional power of Iowa’s Argon computing environment and buy commercially available cloud compute cycles.

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