Information Technology Services began making upgrades to the Argon high-performance computing environment in summer 2019, responding to feedback collected during two open forums on campus.

Hardware: Argon’s power is being increased by 40 percent, with double the number of graphics processing units (GPUs). Up to eight GPUs will be available on a single system. The new hardware will be available in October 2019, and its warranty runs through October 2024. For more details, or to purchase a dedicated compute node, visit the Research Services website.

Software: Argon’s software stack is now more flexible and agile than ever before. Fall 2019 updates were loaded to an environment module which allows new and old application versions to coexist in the stack. Initially, new compiler and OpenMPI versions were added, with Python-2 and Python-3 updates. Additional packages will be added in the future. For instructions on loading the environment module, visit the Research Services website.