More than 40 IT leaders are involved in drafting the OneIT Strategic Plan, in collaboration with campus stakeholders and the broader IT community. The plan will be completed in spring 2017.

The  process began in December 2017 as OneIT Leaders and Strategy Team members talked with their stakeholders—faculty, staff, students, OneIT council members, and IT professionals—to capture forces and trends impacting IT. 

In addition, three teams of IT leaders gathered and analyzed information to inform the plan. One team looked at technology impacts of the new UI Strategic Plan, one did the same with collegiate/departmental strategic plans, and one reviewed guiding principles from the previous IT strategic plan, along with the organizational culture envisioned in OneIT future state discussions. 

The plan was drafted in a series of retreats, with engagement along the way of UI administrators, shared governance leaders, and the OneIT councils. All OneIT Leaders consulted with the faculty, staff, and students in their colleges and units to solicit additional feedback on the strategies and to seek input on the most important priorities from the stakeholder perspective.

IT leaders will work during the month of April to incorporate the feedback received, produce a final strategic plan, and roll the plan out. Next steps will involve estimating costs, prioritizing efforts, and identifying metrics needed to track progress.

Strategic Planning Workshop
Planning workshops

Associate Vice President and CIO Steve Fleagle, IT Director of Custom Solutions and Integrations Romy Bolton, Graduate College IT Director Andy Jenkins, State Hygienic Lab IT Director Frank Delin, Lead Application Developer Jason Heath, Chief of Staff Rachel Napoli, and University Housing IT Director Brandon Mills share ideas at a strategic planning workshop.


Strategic Planning Workshop
A collaborative effort

Senior Director of ITS Research Services Ben Rogers, Health Care Associate Vice President for IT and CIO Lee Carmen, and Athletics IT Director Eddie Etsey listen to group report-outs at a OneIT strategic planning workshop.

Photo credit: Mike Jenn, Information Technology Services