Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Fleagle reflects on the first OneIT Strategic Plan.

CIO Steve Fleagle

The campus IT community is evolving into a unified, integrated technology community called OneIT. Bringing together all of the IT providers on campus provides a more cohesive, consistent experience for IT customers, maximizes the impact of IT investment, and helps us better meet the needs of interdisciplinary activities and learn from each other.

OneIT is not a single organization in the traditional sense.  It is an ecosystem of IT providers with common values, guiding principles, processes, technologies, governance, plans, priorities, policies, and vocabulary. We are committed to work as one to provide the best IT environment for the campus now while positioning the university to take full advantage of technology advances in the future. The next step in our collaboration efforts is integration with Health Care Information Systems (HCIS), focusing on areas of opportunity to enhance IT services offered across the university community. These efforts will begin in summer 2018.

With a new University of Iowa Strategic Plan in place and the evolution of the IT community underway, the time for a new IT strategic plan is right. We view our plan as a bridge between the university strategic plan and our everyday activities.

More than 40 IT leaders came together to draft the OneIT Strategic Plan, which serves as a beacon for the technology community. It ensures our efforts are aligned to support the UI’s goals, that we help our faculty, students, and IT workforce thrive, and that we prioritize our resources as the pace of change and demand for technology increases in this era of digital transformation.

The IT community and campus partners provided significant input into the plan, and we value their ideas and insights. OneIT Leaders and Strategy Team members talked with dozens of stakeholders—faculty, staff, students, OneIT council members, and IT professionals—about forces and trends impacting IT.

Three teams representing all campus IT units gathered and analyzed information that also fed into the plan. One looked at IT impacts of the new UI Strategic Plan, one examined collegiate/departmental strategic plans, and one reviewed principles from the previous IT strategic plan, along with the organizational culture our IT leaders envisioned in a series of OneIT future state discussions.

We brought the IT leaders together for workshops, where we reviewed information we had collected, conducted gap analyses, and had in-depth discussions about goals, needs, resources, and priorities. The result was a draft plan, 80 percent complete, which we took to stakeholders for more input and revision.

The strategic plan is not meant to reflect everything OneIT currently does, or will do, to support the institution. High-quality IT services, including many that are not specifically mentioned in this plan, are a fundamental and foundational necessity that provide value to the UI. Robust, reliable technology is critical to the university’s daily operations, and we will continue to effectively deliver the crucial IT services on which our campus depends, in tandem with strategic pursuits.

We look forward to developing specific projects to bring this plan to fruition and will be incorporating the projects into future IT roadmaps, which we will publish at We recognize that we must remain flexible and may need to adjust tactics along the way, but value this plan as a North Star to keep our IT community on the same page, outline priorities for campus, and ensure we will effectively meet the technology needs of the University of Iowa now and in the future.

- Steve Fleagle, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer,  June 2018

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