OneIT will measure its progress and impact on campus with a selection of key performance indicators. 

Each strategic goal will have a detailed plan with strategies, projects, and metrics to guide action. These indicators will help to measure the overall impact and progress of the strategic plan.

  • Student outcomes: Impact of active-learning technologies and strategies on student success
  • User satisfaction: Satisfaction with learning environments, research IT framework, and IT services overall
  • Innovation: IT innovations that impact research productivity or student success through instructional methodologies/technologies
  • Involvement: IT involvement in unit decision-making, research papers/grants, and delivery of teaching and learning
  • Decision-making: Use of institutional data in academic, research, and administrative decisions
  • Workflow continuity: Minimized down time for faculty, staff, and students impacted by security breaches
  • Collaboration: IT community perception of degree of collaboration across campus IT community
  • Employee engagement: IT staff likelihood to recommend OneIT for employment