OneIT's values as an organization: trusted partners, inclusive and collaborative, efficient and effective.

Trusted partners

  • Our partners’ mission is our mission. We partner with UI colleagues so we can succeed together. We demonstrate our value by understanding their work, goals, and constraints, and provide solutions that enable their success in teaching, research, health care, and public engagement.
  • We elevate the voice of our partners and advocate for them. We value outcomes from their perspective.
  • We anticipate the university’s future IT needs and position ourselves to meet them.

Inclusive and collaborative

  • We value engagement, are enlightened by diverse perspectives, and seek a common wisdom to guide IT decision-making and priorities. We cultivate IT communities that serve as critical forums for collaboration, knowledge transfer, communication, and relationship building.
  • We encourage agility, autonomy, and leadership, and strive for a culture that embodies “good citizenship,” accountability, alignment, and doing what is best for the institution.
  • We are intentional about our culture, respect the sub-cultures that exist, and build bridges between disparate cultures.
  • We continually balance IT resources and coordinate efforts to provide “no-gap” service as a unified, integrated technology community comprising the many IT providers on campus.
  • We recognize that individuals come to UI with varying levels of exposure to technology and are committed to making sure the university community understands and is able to make use of available IT services.

Efficient and effective

  • We make good decisions about sourcing, consolidation, right-sizing, and right-engineering, using metrics wherever possible. This frees up resources and focus, and reduces the costs of commodity services and infrastructure, enabling investment in IT activities that directly support the UI mission.
  • We minimize unnecessary redundancies in services and infrastructure.
  • We offer accessible, positive, and consistent experiences across all services and support networks.