OneIT aspires to these organizational characteristics to support UI as a campus partner.

Desired characteristics that help OneIT support its campus partners

  1. OneIT is actively engaged in planning and achieving the strategic goals of the university, colleges, and interdisciplinary entities, as well as the individual goals of students and faculty.
  2. OneIT invites the UI community to engage as partners in planning, implementation, and management of services, projects, and strategies.
  3. OneIT has clear purpose and direction, including well-defined strategies and roadmaps, but also retains the agility to adapt to emerging needs.
  4. OneIT provides key infrastructure and services to enable the broad range of scholarly activities.
  5. OneIT adeptly scopes projects and services to accommodate the broad spectrum of IT needs—from unique, individual projects to enterprise systems.
  6. OneIT effectively manages risks to protect the university’s information and technology assets.

Desired characteristics that help OneIT succeed as an organization

  1. OneIT is a unified technology community, integrated with health care IT. The entire IT community works together to leverage complementary strengths, help the UI keep pace with the growing demand for IT services, and provide campus with a more seamless IT experience.
  2. OneIT embraces a common service-management framework that provides highly visible, accessible services to faculty, staff, and students.
  3. OneIT leverages a variety of service models and sourcing options and minimizes unnecessary redundancies to maximize resources, balancing production services with innovation and exploring new applications of technology.
  4. OneIT attracts, develops, retains, and rewards diverse, high-performing, mission-focused staff and teams in an intentional way, ensuring the technology workforce is prepared to meet the institution's needs.