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Procurement of Software and Hardware, Year in Review 2017

Completed VDI cost analysis

  • The team completed a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) cost analysis, concluding that the scales tip strongly in favor of the current model.
  • Based on financial considerations alone, the current $800 price for a typical PC is a better deal.

Completed strategic sourcing initiative

  • With Purchasing, the team completed its strategic sourcing initiative—seeking input on and standardizing Dell configurations, and negotiating the best possible price.

Centralizing and improving procurement of IT

  • Each new software request is reviewed for accessibility, cost, legal (license) issues, and security.
  • Goals of the process transformation include increasing efficiency and ensuring that requestors know where in the process their request is at.
  • An electronic workflow process is being developed so that the status of each request is clear, and so that the request can move through its approvals in parallel, avoiding bottlenecks. The system went live in November.

Increasing CIO oversight of IT purchases

  • The team is developing and implementing a process to give the university CIO oversight of IT-related purchases.
  • CIO approval can be built into the electronic workflow process for approving purchases. Criteria for purchases requiring CIO review will be defined.