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Procurement of Software and Hardware, Year in Review 2016

Increased Coordination Across Schools

  • State university IT groups now communicate weekly about potential purchases and opportunities to work together. 
  • Virtually all IT purchases are coordinated through the schools’ purchasing units.
  • A standard process is in place for software procurement. Institutions contact each other when renewing or purchasing software and strive for joint purchasing agreements with vendors.

Buying in Bulk for Better Pricing

The institutions agreed on standard PC/laptop configurations and were able to negotiate lower pricing through Dell by buying in bulk. The UI has purchased 1,925 devices through the standard agreement.

Dell Agreement Saves UI More than $90,000

Lance Bolton, Senior IT Director, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

A high-volume purchase of identical PCs resulted in significant per-unit savings.

By "buying in bulk" 1,000 Dell PCs with the same configuration, the UI saved over $90,000.

Additional Procurement Coordination

  • More examples of procurement coordination across the schools include: 
    • Microsoft Campus Agreement 
    • Adobe license renewal 
    • DDI (network management solutions) 
    • Storage solutions and purchasing contracts 
    • Data Network solutions and purchasing contracts

Planning for Virtual Desktop Sub-Project Begins

  • A report is underway for the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) subproject.
  • The team reviewed information from consultants, and cost estimates and models from ISU and UNI.
  • Use cases have been defined.