Monday, February 15, 2021

Participants in diversity, equity, and inclusion information sessions identified hiring and recruitment, retention, and communication as priorities for the OneIT DEI Action Plan.

A DEI workgroup held information sessions about the plan in late 2020 and early 2021. They then surveyed session participants to identify critical DEI tasks.

The top six tasks identified by survey respondents include:

  • Defining, implementing, and communicating inclusive hiring practices (DEI Action Plan task 2A-1)
  • Cultivating hiring pipelines that encourage diverse applicants, with emphasis on low-diversity IT areas (2A-2)
  • Developing a culture of equity and inclusion as a critical component of employee retention (2B-2)
  • Examining compensation using identity-conscious metrics to ensure equity (2B-3)
  • Establishing broad community dialogue about what DEI means and why it matters (1A-1)
  • Communicating that DEI is part of everyone’s job and equipping community members to promote, model, and implement DEI core values (3A-2)

Modeled on the campus-wide DEI Action Plan, OneIT’s plan proposes specific tactics and success indicators for each task.

Expanding inclusive hiring practices, for example, may mean using inclusive language in job postings, providing unconscious bias training for recruitment staff, and ensuring equitable salary practices in recruitment. Success indicators include greater workforce diversity and broader awareness of inclusive practices.

Survey respondents rated other tasks—for example, sharing best practices for data-informed decision-making—as lower priorities. But some lower-priority tasks may be necessary to support high-priority measures.

DEI workgroups will use information-session and survey feedback to develop a roadmap for implementing action plan tasks. Community feedback offers insight into what colleagues know about current DEI initiatives—including ongoing work to diversity recruitment—and what they expect going forward.