Monday, June 05, 2017

The OneIT printing project is currently in its initiation phase, with a formal project team and documents yet to be developed. Its general goals are to reduce printing costs through lower consumable costs and sharing printers where possible, and to raise awareness about the cost of printing. A recent “print summit” brought together stakeholders to discuss steps for getting the project rolling.


Participants in the initial meeting included IT professionals from distributed and central units, who came up with several ideas to improve printing. They will put together a project team and concrete project plans, but there was consensus on three areas of focus: review printing devices and develop recommended standards for campus, work to consolidate print servers, and review instances of Paper Cut (a tool used to track departmental printing) to identify opportunities for savings.


Chris Clark, director of Learning Space Technologies in the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology, has also been working with UI Student Government on ideas for reducing printing and its costs.


At UISG’s suggestion, Information Technology Services explored use of sugar-cane-based paper, and although the paper performed well it was not financially feasible due to the higher cost of the paper.


Together the groups identified a new funding model for student printing—a pay-per-page approach designed to encourage people to think before printing, for the sake of sustainability and saving money. Details of the change are available at