Friday, February 27, 2015

IT professionals,

University TIER leaders have been engaging with Chazey Partners, the firm hired by the Board of Regents on a 12-week contract to validate the university plans and provide advice and assistance in the self-implementation process. We identified areas where Chazey’s capabilities complement ours; for IT, initial discussions indicate that Chazey can help us in five areas:

  1. Developing a set of metrics to track both savings/efficiency and quality of services
  2. Validating our project descriptions in terms of the opportunity and savings estimates
  3. Advising on the structure and governance of project implementation
  4. Developing the service model for end user support
  5. Developing future state models

On Monday, March 2, Chazey will lead a workshop to better understand our current environment and start to examine opportunities for improvement. The workshop will focus on end-user support, including end-device management, end-user consulting, and help desk services. It will be what Chazey refers to as an “As-Is Process Workshop” as we come together to discuss current processes and options to make those processes even better. I invited IT leaders who have expressed interest in those topics to attend and participate in the user support dialog.

We have also been talking with Iowa State and UNI about opportunities for collaboration. We hosted IT leaders from the three schools Feb. 18 to discuss possibilities in data centers/servers, enterprise systems and application portfolios, end user support and help desk, purchasing, business intelligence, research support and informatics, and technology support for classrooms and collaborative spaces. As soon as we have reports from all of the subgroups, we will add a summary to the OneIT@Iowa website.

It was great to see many of you at the recent town hall meetings. You asked a lot of good questions, and we will add content to the Frequently Asked Questions on the OneIT website for those who were unable to attend. I will continue to share developments as they unfold, and please feel free to send me comments or questions or submit feedback through the website.

Thanks and best regards,

Steve Fleagle
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer