Tuesday, March 07, 2017

More than 75 IT professionals in the system administration (PIF) job family participated in a skills inventory survey during the first two weeks of February. The OneIT HR Project Team was glad to see such a high participation rate (85%), which provides confidence in the credibility of data.

The team is working to share results with unit leaders and managers, and to identify themes and recommendations related to interests and skills from the data. The information can be used as a catalyst for discussion about anticipated institutional needs, and to develop strategies for addressing gaps between skills, interests, and needs —perhaps trainings, or establishing/fostering communities of practice.

Some preliminary observations were made from initial review of the data, including the following examples, shared with OneIT Operations Team:

  • Every admin had one or more operating system competencies. Windows skills were strong, and there were fewer Linux experts. Interest in Linux was high.
  • Over half of participants had no experience working with cloud services, and the skill level reported was mostly basic. There was a high degree of interest in cloud services.

The project’s goal is to obtain a more accurate, complete view of the skills and technical interests of IT professionals at UI. It is intended engage IT professionals across campus to ensure IT professionals are growing, learning, and contributing to UI at their fullest potential. The team extends its thanks to staff and supervisors who took and encouraged participation in the survey.

The outcomes from this pilot survey with the system administration job family will be evaluated, and if the pilot is deemed successful, the team will work on a campus-wide rollout of the skills inventory.

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