Tuesday, November 12, 2019

In its efforts to provide robust research computing infrastructure, services, and training to meet current and future needs of the UI research community, ITS Research Services (RS) will evaluate the need for need for a high-end machine learning platform. A new data science consultant was hired, and the Interactive Data Analytics Service has been launched and will be evaluated for improvements. Staff will evaluate and implement a high-performance computing scheduler and  develop a container registry service to allow campus researchers to securely store, share, and distribute container images.

To decrease administrative burden on the research community, additional research computing services will be converted to self-service. The Globus Research Data Management service, which facilitates data sharing and collaboration, will be deployed in support of the strategy to remove barriers to research collaboration.

For the strategy to develop a campus-wide framework of IT support and services supporting research, RS will investigate methods for fostering a more diverse research computing talent pipeline, and engage the IT community to explore opportunities for better integrating specialized research support. Danny Tang is the new accountable leader for the research goal, as he has transitioned into the role of senior director of RS.