Thursday, April 06, 2017

The End User Support team has drawn up a list of requirements for a central IT asset-management system, based on conversations and interviews with the stakeholders.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

As the Extended Technical Support (ETS) team grows to serve more units on campus, a “team lead” approach has been adopted to provide structure and to spread out supervisory responsibilities.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

In March 2017, the HPC project became the fifth OneIT project to achieve closeout. The project scope evolved, due to staffing and time constraints and opportunities to expand use of central services, to focus on deployment of a new HPC system and integration of small HPC services. The new system, Argon, launched in February 2017, enabling consolidation of 188 HPC systems from seven different units on campus.

Monday, April 03, 2017

The OneIT Communication and Collaboration Project Team updated the Operations Team on the status of its projects. The first phase of the Office 365 subproject is complete, with a second leg in progress. By December 2018, the team will have laid the foundation to implement Skype for Business as a functional voice service, though the shift away from traditional phone lines will be a gradual, ongoing process.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Several IT professionals have transitioned to new roles or teams related to OneIT projects and initiatives. One important aspect of change-management is to follow up with these individuals, as well as the teams they have joined, to see how things are going for everyone, and to make adjustments where needed.

The past two months, change-management consultants met with individuals and teams involved with the End User Support Project, and others whose jobs changed as they accepted new roles or responsibilities. Feedback from the sessions was anonymized and shared with IT leaders and managers, and have already resulted in some refinements to processes and team structures.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Procurement of Software and Hardware Project team recently reported to the OneIT Operations Team on the status of its four subprojects. Two subprojects are complete, and two are in progress.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The OneIT Data Centers and Servers Project team recently decommissioned its 21st server room, and the project is now two-thirds complete. In total, 32 server rooms are in scope for the project.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

A pilot skills inventory survey was conducted with system administrators, and participation was high. The project team is now analyzing and sharing data, and will work to identify opportunities to address gaps between existing skills and personal interests/institutional needs.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Membership and charges for the six OneIT Councils are being finalized; each council's page will be linked off the governance section of this site once it's available.

As the councils have taken shape, so has the OneIT Strategy Team's roster. The Stratety Team comprises the chair and facilitator of each council, along with Chief Information Officer Steve Fleagle. This group will look broadly across all six council areas to prioritize activities and coordinate the overall direction of OneIT.

The Program Office’s work is winding down as more OneIT projects and processes are operationalized. With the governance structure formed, the Operations and Strategy Teams will take on responsibilities such as monitoring project progress.

Additional detail on the OneIT governance process, such as how a project will flow through the process, will be shared at a Town Hall this spring.

Friday, February 03, 2017

OneIT is piloting a skills inventory to obtain a more accurate, complete view of the skills and technical interests of our IT professionals at UI. The skills inventory is intended engage IT professionals across campus to ensure we are each growing, learning, and contributing to UI at our fullest potential.