Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Four assessments of collaboration opportunities were recently completed. Teams comprising staff from both organizations did a great job exploring how efforts in email, telephony, identity management, and service desks could be aligned.

The teams recommended a general direction for each area. HCIS leaders and the Operations Team were supportive, and will have them return to a future joint meeting with more detailed roadmaps.

In short, they agreed on a long-term vision of having one electronic identity for everyone for everything, except where it isn't technically feasible or there are regulatory requirements. This will alleviate some confusion over which ID to use for logging into various systems and sites, and make collaboration across campus easier. Reaching this vision of a single identity may take several years. They also agreed to have a common set of policies around identities and passwords.

Knowing the direction for identities provides a clearer path for email, telephony, and service desk collaboration. CIOs Lee Carmen and Steve Fleagle agreed to set high-level plans and next steps to move forward in those areas, building on what the assessment teams have done and the discussion with our joint leadership teams. They believe there is some low-hanging fruit with core business applications, especially the Microsoft suite of products, so will start there to enhance consistency and integration. For example, they plan to move to a common email system and a single cloud instance of Office 365.