Friday, February 03, 2017

OneIT is piloting a skills inventory to obtain a more accurate, complete view of the skills and technical interests of our IT professionals at UI. The skills inventory is intended engage IT professionals across campus to ensure we are each growing, learning, and contributing to UI at our fullest potential.

As we think strategically about the future needs of IT at UI, and the emerging trends we see both on and off campus, the skills inventory provides a starting point to:

  • Identify and leverage expertise, interest and untapped potential
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration, such as communities of practice, and learning in groups
  • Address skills gaps through training, development and recruitment
  • Promote discussion between employees and their supervisors around skills, interests, and goals
  • Help ensure that working in IT is a rewarding, enjoyable, and interesting pursuit

Who can participate in the skills inventory?

During the pilot phase, the focus will be on the system administration (PIF) job family, with a campus-wide rollout targeted for later this year.

How can employees access the skills inventory survey?

The week of Feb. 6, 2017, each eligible employee will receive an email from CIO Steve Fleagle with a link to a Qualtrics survey. The skills inventory survey will be open for 14 days, and typically takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Staff may print and/or save their completed survey, and are encouraged to share it with their supervisor.

How can employees learn more?

Employees may find the PDF iconSkills Inventory FAQ for Staff useful. Those in the system administration (PIF) job family can also discuss questions with their supervisor.

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