Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Newly digitized copies of the Brinton Collection - a cache of century-old films preserved with help from the UI Libraries - reside on servers managed by ITS’s Large Scale Storage service, home to the UI Libraries massive digital archive. Originally designed to support researchers, the LSS is available to individuals and units university-wide.

The Brinton Collection itself runs about 15 terabytes, or nearly 31 times the storage found on a typical desktop computer.

Competitive costs and scalability drew the Libraries to the LSS. At $40 per terabyte per year, the service is a relative bargain for anyone managing sets of very large files like images, videos, audio recordings, and digitized films.

The LSS has seen enhancements including price cuts under the university's OneIT initiative. Joe Hetrick, associate director of ITS Research Services, says strengthening security is the next step. Data stored on the LSS is well-protected, but further measures will make it suitable for sensitive Level III data including employee, financial, and student information.

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