Tuesday, November 12, 2019

To increase collaboration across HCIS and OneIT, implementation of several joint projects is underway:

  • Cherwell: OneIT staff will have access to the IT service management platform Cherwell in the first quarter of 2020. Having a common platform will make it easy to pass tickets back and forth across healthcare and OneIT. A future phase of the project will introduce a customer portal so customers can initiate and track their own tickets.
  • Skype for Business: Healthcare will manage the Skype for Business service for the entire campus, and everyone will move to Skype 2019. Equipment for the migration has been order and is in the process of being configured.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): As an initial step in moving toward a single identity, HealthCareID/HawkID passwords are now synced on change, reducing confusion and maintenance¬†of multiple credentials. Planning, internally as well as with vendors and partners, continues on migration to a single identity. Development collaboration on the Health Care Information Systems Dashboard application is underway, with enrollment in Two-Step Login for electronic prescription of controlled substances accomplished as joint development project. Preliminary discussions on the long-term IAM strategy are underway.
  • Office 365: OneIT will manage Office 365 for the entire campus, and everyone will move to Office 365. Med students are being migrated from the healthcare email system to Office 365. A schedule is being developed to move the rest of the healthcare accounts.
  • HCIS and OneIT also continue to build relationships through joint IT community events, joint leadership team meetings, leadership development programming, and job rotations and shadowing through the SPARK program.

The OneIT Strategic Plan will be refreshed in preparation for the new university strategic plan. An analysis will examine key issues affecting organizational health and strategies to alleviate those issues will be developed.