Monday, November 19, 2018

Thank you

A new OneIT Thank-You Program provides peer-to-peer recognition for a job well done. Recipients and their supervisors receive an email of thanks, noting the reason for the nomination.

The OneIT Thank-You Program is modeled after similar successful programs on campus and provides a way to nominate and recognize talented IT professionals across all UI organizations. Nominators simply fill out an online form, which triggers a recognition email to the recipient and their supervisor.

Program details

  • Faculty, staff, students or a member of the public may submit a thank-you.
  • All employees in the OneIT community (both IT and non-IT job classifications) are eligible.
  • This is NOT anonymous; as the nominator your name will be displayed to the person you’re thanking.

It only takes a moment to recognize a colleague for great work or excellent customer service, and kind words go a long way.

Please contact Information Technology Services Human Resources with questions or comments: Heidi McLaughlin or Julie Cunningham