Wednesday, September 14, 2016

​This week t​he ​Information Security and Policy Office announced a reorganization, through which Enterprise Services staff responsible for IT accessibility services and support will join​ the department and two new workgroups will be formed. The office is also currently advertising a new senior IT security analyst position.  

​The new workgroups are:

  • Security Operations, under Carl Ness's leadership, will be responsible for security infrastructure management, network monitoring, security incident response, forensics and preservation, endpoint security, risk assessments, and technical security consulting. Brian Beninga, Matt Brenton, Zach Furst, Emory Lundberg, and the open analyst position will form this group. ​
  • Policy and User Services, under Kirk Corey's leadership, will be responsible for IT policy, education/training programs, user consulting, outreach and website, system tracking and reporting, audit management, accessibility tools, encryption certificates, software reviews, and project management. Warren Staal, Todd Weissenberger, and our student position will form this group.