Friday, January 12, 2018

Health Care Information Systems and OneIT have pulled together a team to explore collaboration opportunities in identity and access management (IAM)—processes and technologies used to manage electronic identities. IAM involves account provisioning, authentication, and tools that support ID cards and access to electronic communication, storage, electronic doors, wireless, VPN, and cloud services.

In a series of meetings, the group shared the details of their technical environments and discussed “pain points” in IAM across healthcare and the general campus. Examples included challenges related to users having two sets of login credentials, and difficulties with calendar sharing.

They then identified a long-term vision and immediate next steps.

Long term, they aim to provide a simpler and more consistent user experience for all campus IT services, and to explore using a single ID for the majority of services, recognizing that there are a few unique cases. They recognize the need to support employee mobility across the various organizations, and to remove barriers to interdisciplinary research and teaching/learning. They will leverage automation wherever possible, and strive to provide agile and flexible service that will support future needs.

Immediate assessments will commence to review processes and services for opportunities to provide joint/mutual support. The teams will investigate making Two-Step Login more prevalent, and look at the possibility of combining the two campus Duo instances. They plan to explore whether use of the OneIT password reset tool could be expanded, and review HR processes with a goal of gaining more complete information to drive IAM processes. They will demo and assess tool portfolios, explore expanding usage across groups, and develop criteria on bringing systems into their shared identity space.

Identity Management