Friday, March 20, 2015

New Frequently Asked Questions are posted to address questions asked at the recent town hall meetings for IT professionals, including a pair of questions that comes up frequently: Why isn’t implementation moving faster? When will details be available? 

The first end-user support workshop with Chazey Partners took place on March 2 and focused on examining current processes. Later this month, the same group will gather to work on future state models. Reports from Chazey will be shared as soon as they are available.

The group reports from our collaboration discussions with UNI and Iowa State are now available on the OneIT SharePoint site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A OneIT@Iowa Steering Committee has been formed to make strategic decisions and coordinate the OneIT initiatives. The team includes IT leaders from distributed units and ITS.

To succeed in implementing the OneIT@Iowa initiatives, we must coordinate the efforts of individual projects, track progress, collect metrics, and complete other project-management tasks. For large-scale projects, the best practice is to create a Program Office to assure consistent support across all sub-projects. We have established a Program Office supported by three IT leaders with considerable project-management experience. They will also serve on the Steering Committee.

The group's first task will be to establish leaders for each project area. Project team leaders can then pull together the right people for their teams.

Friday, February 27, 2015

University TIER leaders have been engaging with Chazey Partners, the firm hired by the Board of Regents on a 12-week contract to validate the university plans and provide advice and assistance in the self-implementation process. We identified areas where Chazey’s capabilities complement ours; for IT, initial discussions indicate that Chazey can help us in five areas:

  1. Developing a set of metrics to track both savings/efficiency and quality of services
  2. Validating our project descriptions in terms of the opportunity and savings estimates
  3. Advising on the structure and governance of project implementation
  4. Developing the service model for end user support
  5. Developing future state models

On March 2, Chazey will lead a workshop focused on end-user support to better understand our current environment and start to examine opportunities for improvement.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It has been about a month since the Board of Regents accepted the universities’ proposal for self-implementation of the TIER efficiency review objectives. In that time, the Board office and the universities worked to finalize contracts with Chazey Partners, the consulting firm retained by the Board to provide the universities with assistance and advice throughout self-implementation. We worked with the Board office and UI staff to get organized for kicking off implementation efforts. With that in place and our high-level OneIT@Iowa proposal approved, the campus IT community can now focus on developing detailed plans for implementation. Here are some updates on recent or upcoming meetings and discussions, and what’s ahead.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Steve Fleagle
On January 9, the state Board of Regents accepted the university’s proposal for implementation of the Human Resources, Finance, and IT business cases identified in the TIER efficiency review

The IT section of the proposal includes project descriptions in 16 areas. These descriptions were developed by a team of IT leaders from central and distributed units who came together to identify projects aligned with the four IT business cases approved by the Board, and then developed project descriptions, schedules, and savings estimates. We called the plan OneIT@Iowa, a reflection of the future state for which we are striving on campus.