Friday, March 20, 2015

IT professionals,

I want to let you know that we posted some new Frequently Asked Questions to address the many good questions asked at the town hall meetings. I’d also like to address one pair of questions I hear frequently: Why isn’t implementation moving faster? When will details be available? 

In December we set aggressive timelines. We aren’t as far along as we anticipated, but these are complex transitions and we want to do things right. Several activities consumed considerable time in getting to this point: we ramped up collaboration talks with Iowa State and UNI, brought Chazey Partners up to speed and figured out how they can assist us, and are coordinating with other units impacted by TIER (HR and Finance). We established a Program Office and a Steering Committee that will soon name the project leaders. Once the project teams are in place, the pace of more visible activities will pick up, and together we will develop implementation details. 

End-User support: I’ve mentioned that we are working with Chazey Partners to examine existing end-user support processes and help us develop future state models. A group of 20 IT leaders involved in user support participated in the “as-is” workshop with Chazey on March 2. We’ve scheduled two more sessions with this group at the end of the month to work on “to-be” future-state models. We will share reports from these workshops as soon as we get them from Chazey. 

ISU/UNI collaboration: We created a folder on the OneIT@Iowa SharePoint site and posted the group reports from our collaboration discussions with UNI and Iowa State. I encourage you to review those at your convenience.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Steve Fleagle
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer