Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Hand-in-hand with the strategy to create an IT service-management framework based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles, OneIT is working with HCIS to implement the Cherwell IT Service Management product to manage the Help Desk and IT services and support. Preparation for that effort includes completing descriptions for IT services and updating the service catalog, as well as training staff. Future steps will include using Cherwell for asset-management and to track customer incident metrics related to interactions with IT staff and resolution of problems.

Several projects have been completed in support of the strategy to aggressively pursue automation in all aspects of IT service delivery and utilize self-service tools when they improve the user experience. A Research Data Storage Service access-management tool allows researchers to log in without the help of IT and add or remove access to their research space. New automations are also in place for Adobe licensing, securing computers that require NIST 800-171 compliance, patching PCs, and billing for Amazon Web Services and Azure. A card swipe system that automatically generates tickets for students needing assistance at the Registrar’s Office saves over 300 hours per year in staff time.

To evolve campus-wide IT governance to increase transparency and best prioritize IT resources, the OneIT governance process will be revisited to optimize effectiveness. To increase awareness of IT services through marketing and ensure that faculty, staff, and students understand how to utilize the technologies to meet their needs, ITS will pilot a marketing service that uses data/triggers (such as signing up for a specific course) to deliver targeted emails about services users may be interested in.

Other operational projects include migrating campus to Microsoft Office ProPlus and Windows 10 as support for older versions comes to an end, and exploring renewal and negotiating licensing terms for Qualtrics survey software, Adobe products, and LinkedIn Learning. Web Services has several projects associated with the campus’ transition to version 8 of the Drupal content-management system. Applications teams will work to build an ecommerce platform, update the calendar combiner tool, and improve efficiency in billing and portfolio management. Enterprise Infrastructure will refresh all wired network ports on campus over the next few years, and will upgrade and change operating systems, including the retirement of Windows Server 2008. IT professionals will also be helping to commission several new buildings: the golf facility, College of Pharmacy, and Psychological and Brain Sciences.