Friday, April 26, 2019

Hand-in-hand with the strategy to implement an IT service-management framework based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles is planning for the implementation of Cherwell, the new IT service-management platform. Preparation includes refining the IT service catalog and securing licensing. Progress is also being made in standardizing and streamlining IT purchasing processes, in consolidating to a centralized inventory solution, and in implementing a single PC imaging and surplus operation for all of Extended Technical Support.

In support of the strategy to aggressively pursue automation in all aspects of IT service delivery and utilize self-service tools when they improve the user experience, technologies were leveraged to improve email hygiene, and external tagging was implemented to encourage users to take a closer look at messages from outside the university that could potentially be phishing scams. A new mass email service is being rolled out utilizing Dispatch and Workflow, which will provide open/click metrics, greatly improve formatting options, and facilitate a more efficient process for message approval.

To evolve campus-wide IT governance to increase transparency and best prioritize IT resources, the IT Project Management Office and governance groups continue to evaluate and refine the governance process to optimize its effectiveness. Based on feedback of individuals using the process and conversations with focus groups, more detail about projects was added to the OneIT Intranet, and options for filtering projects were implemented. A governance FAQ for the ITPMO website was developed, linking to more details on the OneIT website. Project requestors now receive confirmation emails so they are clear about next steps in the process, and descriptions were added to project templates. The Projects Insights frequency was adjusted to be held the third Tuesday of the month (though it can be more often if needed) for consistency, and a project manager was assigned to coordinate it.

To increase awareness of IT services through marketing and ensure that faculty, staff, and students understand how to utilize the technologies to meet their needs, a pilot plan for automated email marketing of IT services to students has been developed, and training offerings such as and MyQuickCoach are being reviewed with campus partners. As the Skype for Business telephony project ramps up to migrate more campus units away from traditional phones, marketing efforts are underway to introduce what Skype has to offer and training is being provided to help users learn the new technology.