Monday, March 16, 2020

Mike Noel, accountable leader for Strategic Goal 3: Data, recently provided an update to the Operations Team. on the Administrative Data and Systems and Data roadmaps. He outlined some factors that have slowed progress on some of the projects, such as leadership changes, interdependencies on other projects, and unanticipated projects that have popped up.

The majority of projects are on track, including technical and functional updates to MAUI to modernize the user experience, ID card technology updates, syncing HealthcareID and HawkID passwords, upgrading the library's digital asset management system and implementing the research services platform Esploro, enhancements to BuildUI, and implementing additional self-service functionality to the Animal Research Information System.

The campus business intelligence needs assessment will be repeated, and BI showcases and an Institutional Data Day are being planned. A host of new data marts and BI solutions are being developed. A new data inventory and dictionary tool will be demoed later this spring. The campus data portal is operational and will be promoted, and teams will continue to work on moving forward with data governance.