Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Data Center & Server Consolidation project continues to make excellent progress in implementation, and the team pulled together some key metrics and milestones.

The DCS team has completed macro audits of 55 server rooms in 42 campus buildings, including the Regents Regional Center – Keith Fenton Administration Building (RRD – KFAB) (aka AIB) in Des Moines. The process has documented over 2,441 servers and 28,590 square feet of server room space, and estimates that $1 million each year is spent on server power and associated cooling.

With tremendous collaboration across units, the group has already made solid progress in planning and conducting migrations. In each case, the project team works with the researchers and local IT staff to review the valuable research and work being done in the facilities and determine whether the equipment that supports that research and work is a candidate for consolidation, retirement, virtualization, the cloud, replacement, or migration to a more energy-efficient space. In many cases the services and incentives offered by the optimization effort have reduced the Principal Investigators' expenditures, freeing up funds for additional computing capabilities.

The team booked its 12th server room decommission this fiscal year and aims for 20 rooms by July 1. To date,

  • 3,140 sq. ft. of floor space has been reclaimed by departments
  • 340 servers have been consolidated
  • 206 servers have been reduced, virtualized, or retired
  • 134 servers have been migrated to central data centers

For the multi-year project to remain on track for its targeted completion in 2018, the team is continuing to work with multiple departments in parallel by migrating, virtualizing, and retiring machines in a majority of the server rooms on campus at any given time. A room is considered decommissioned after all equipment is vacated and it has been turned over to Facilities Management for remodeling.

Project Status Report

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