Monday, June 05, 2017

The OneIT Data Centers and Servers project is over 70% complete with nearly two thirds of a million dollars savings realized. These statistics include rooms fully booked for decommissioning, with a remodeling plan in place.


Total yearly savings: $644,570

One time savings (floor space): $1,160,279


  • 23 of 32 data centers decommissioned and repurposed for other activities (72%)
  • 6,581 sq. ft. of floor space has been reclaimed by departments.
    • 6,581 sq. ft. equates to $1,160,279 of economic value based on usable sq ft.
  • 448 servers consolidated
    • 297 servers reduced, virtualized or retired
    • 151 servers migrated to a central data center


Recent decommissions include:

  • 132E IMU, to be used as an office. Involved migration of old analog security cameras to the new IP cameras, and Visix digital signage over to Drupal signage, while complying with flood recovery policies.
  • 015-1 KHF, to be used as secure storage for athletic memorabilia.

 Five additional rooms are scheduled for decommissioning by the end of June 2017.


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