Friday, September 22, 2017

The OneIT Data Center and Servers project has booked its 26th server room decommission: G14A-1 Spencer Laboratories of Psychology building for the Psychology department. 

The project team is working in parallel on all phases of the project (migrating, virtualizing, retiring machines, and decommissioning) in multiple server rooms. The server room housed Level 3 data utilized for research along with various other research data, administrative data, file servers, web servers, computing servers, building alarm control server, and security camera DVR. This room will be transformed into an IT work space once the special power, HVAC, networking and supporting equipment is removed and the room is remodeled.

  • 81.25% (26 of 32 rooms decommissioned)
  • 7,210 sq. ft. of floor space has been reclaimed by departments in total
  • 516 servers have been consolidated in total
    • 357 servers reduced, virtualized or retired
    • 159 server migrated to a central data center

*Note: These statistics are only updated after a room is fully booked for decommissioning, the FM remodeling plan is signed by all parties, and all IT server equipment is removed, making the total number of hours saved and servers decommissioned to be significantly higher.

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