Monday, June 05, 2017

Two subprojects from the OneIT Human Resources project have been closed out. The focus of the assessment tools subproject was developing a method and tools to help facilitate staff mobility and deliver a consistent approach to analysis of skills, realignment of work and movement of staff related to the implementation of OneIT projects.

Deliverables from this subproject included a frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide for staff transitioning between departments; a tool to document and assess skills and duties of IT staff, and a comprehensive communication and change management plan to ensure smooth transitions for staff, and address potential impacts on morale and attrition.

The streamline hiring subproject focused on creating visibility, consistency and maximizing expertise in IT hiring across campus. A centralized IT recruitment specialist pilot was developed and launched to streamline the IT hiring process for departments and leverage expertise in the IT recruiting process. The specialist is available to assist decentralized units with hiring IT positions; this expertise allows for greater consistency in identifying IT job requirements and recruitment resources, and helps to improve the quality of hires and reduce hiring times. 7 out of 12 searches in decentralized units have utilized the specialist offering for consultation/assistance in hiring of staff over the 11 month pilot. Data will continue to be reviewed to evaluate the effectiveness of the new process and continue to promote adoption and utilization of this service.


Human Resources Processes