Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A growing number of students are utilizing new tools in MyUI, the student portal to the UI’s student-information system, to map out which courses they plan to take years in advance.

The tools help students chart their path to graduation and help colleges plan for course needs. There are three elements: Schedule Builder builds conflict-free schedules based on student preferences and provides one-click registration; Sample Plans of Study are a centralized repository of recommended coursework for various majors; and MyPlan is a student's individualized plan of study.

Since Sample Plans and MyPlan were introduced in September, over 3,000 students have created nearly 4,500 MyPlans. More than 3,000 were created from a Sample Plan, while 1,462 were from scratch.

For the current academic year, the Registrar’s Office worked with departments and colleges to develop 411 Sample Plans, 231 of which have been used to create a MyPlan. The initial Sample Plans focused on undergraduate majors; the next step is to add them for minors, certificates, and graduate programs.

To date, students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have been the heaviest users of MyPlan, followed by students in engineering, business, and public health. First-year students created 1,077 MyPlans, second-year 894, third-year 744, fourth-year 264, and unclassified students created 82.

My Plan Adoption By Week - up to nearly 4,500 plans created from mid-September rollout to end of October