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IT Governance and Visibility Initiatives, Year in Review 2017

New governance structure

  • Developed and implemented enhanced IT governance and prioritization to ensure that appropriate input is gathered for decisions about IT services and priorities, and to improve visibility and management of IT projects.
  • The governance structure comprises three key groups with distinct roles in the process: domain-specific councils, a Strategy Team, and an Operations Team. Each involves representatives from across campus, and is campus-wide in scope. 

New project process

  • Created a process to identify potential projects and guide them through the governance process in a timely and transparent manner, based on established criteria.
  • The process, initiated by any campus IT leader, involves entering project information into an online form, which triggers essential project information to be posted on a new OneIT Intranet for campus visibility.
  • The potential project is guided through the appropriate governance groups by the Project Management Office (PMO).

In 2017, 70 projects were initiated through the new process

Project portfolio improves tracking and visibility

  • Developed an IT project portfolio database, maintained by the PMO, using TeamDynamix, Workflow, and the OneIT Intranet.

Project Insights provides a forum for discussion

  • Established a new weekly forum called Project Insights that features discussions about high-interest projects that are flowing through the governance process. The venue allows project teams and IT leaders to bring topics for community feedback.
  • Project Insights sessions involve sharing any documentation for advance review, a brief introduction by project leaders, a panel-style discussion with project leaders and stakeholders, and time for community feedback and questions.
  • The events are geared toward IT professionals, and others who are interested are welcome to attend.

Enhanced tracking of resources

  • Ensured a mechanism to monitor IT services, projects, budgets, and expenses, including personnel effort, and to deliver consistent reporting.
  • Brought all 20 distributed IT units onto a time-tracking software solution, TeamDynamix.

613 active users are logging time in Team Dynamix, including central and distributed IT professionals from across campus.
  • Project-management documentation, TeamDynamix, and other systems are utilized for identifying and collecting IT expenses.

Implemented a road-mapping process

  • All six councils created roadmaps to outline current and planned IT projects.
  • The roadmaps are reviewed by the Strategy Team, and IT initiatives are prioritized in alignment with institutional priorities.

Closed out

Project Completed Graphic

The project was completed in August 2017.