The Infrastructure and Architecture Council (InARC) serves as the voice and representative for IT decisions and priorities that impact the basic IT operation of the university.

Infrastructure and Architecture Council Charge

This group is charged by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education to:

  • Assist in setting the strategic agenda for deployments of IT infrastructure on campus
  • Coordinate the activities and priorities for IT infrastructure on campus
  • Sponsor education for IT staff on existing infrastructure and future technologies
  • Sponsor infrastructure chart sub groups to examine and design potential solutions for campus
  • Provide architecture reviews and recommendations to other domains on deployment and designs
  • Council responsibilities as part of IT governance:
    • Raise and collect council-specific issues​
    • Analyze issues and make recommendations​
    • Engage other IT governance groups, university governance groups, and general campus stakeholders as appropriate​

Infrastructure and Architecture Council Members

The InARC meetings and activities will be facilitated by the Senior Enterprise Architect and Director of IT Infrastructure. Membership will potentially include representatives from colleges and administrative units on campus and can be expanded to include other critical units as needed. In general, members will serve three-year terms.

Subcommittees or ad hoc task forces may be created and charged by the InARC membership to study and advise on specific questions or recommendations. Standing Subcommittees would include operational representation of Data Centers and Servers, Network, and Physical Infrastructure. Subcommittees and task forces will work on solutions and present options that will be recommended to the OneIT Operations and/or Strategy Teams. 

  • Guy Falsetti (facilitator), Senior Systems Architect and IT Director, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Brandon Mills (chair), IT Director, UI Housing and Dining
  • Danny Tang, Chief Technology Director, College of Engineering
  • JJ Urich, IT Director, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Tim Shie, IT Director, College of Public Health
  • Frank Delin, Deputy IT Director, State Hygienic Lab
  • Jerry Protheroe, Data Center Manager, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • George StumpfDirector of Physical Infrastructure, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Robert Davis, Network Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Dave Kelly, Systems Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Brian Beninga, IT Security Architect, Information Security and Policy Office
  • Andrea Mascher, Senior Database Administrator, ITS Administrative Information Systems
  • Zach Furst, IT Security Architect, ITS Security Office
  • Joe Hetrick, IT Director, ITS Research Services
  • Konstantin Kaltsas, IT Manager, ITS Teach, Learn, & Technology
  • Tom Neese, Systems Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Dan Metzler, Systems Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Jay Ford, Network Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Neil Johnson, Network Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Ed Hill, Senior Application Architect, ITS Administrative Information Systems
  • Jordan O’Konek, Lead Application Developer, ITS Administrative Information Systems
  • Steve Bowers, Lead Application Developer, ITS Enterprise Services
  • Matt McLaughlin, Director, Engineering Computer Services
  • Dave Bronder, Systems Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Kevin Keyser, Systems Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Mike Frangi, Manager, Project Management Office

Data Center Governance Team Charge

The UI Data Center Governance Team, a sub-group of the InARC Council, is charged with the task of creating policies, procedures, and documentation for the management of UI enterprise, multi-tenant data centers. The team addresses the following areas:

  • Communications – a conduit for campus input and awareness
  • Early identification and review of proposed new or renovated server rooms
  • Physical security, safety, and access controls
  • Data center facilities operations and maintenance policies and procedures
  • Data center Mechanical, Electrical, Plant/Plumbing (MEP) infrastructure standards
  • Data center computational device and supporting infrastructure standards
  • Services delivered/needed and service levels
  • Financial – models, investment
  • Power efficiency – MEP and computational devices

Data Center Governance Team Members

  • Jerry Protheroe (Facilitator/Chair), Data Center Manager, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Ann Rosenthal, Director, Facilities Operations - Oakdale Campus, Facilities Management
  • Julie Sychra, Associate Director, Building & Operations Maintenance, Facilities Management
  • Katie Rossmann, Manager, Data Analytics & Commissioning, Facilities Management
  • Rich Wessels, IT Facilities Specialist, Health Care Information Systems
  • Brian Heil, Senior Systems Administrator, Stead Technology Services
  • Michael J. Ryan, IT Facilities Specialist, Health Care Information Systems
  • Tim Shie, IT Director, College of Public Health
  • Matt McLaughlin, Director, Engineering Computer Services
  • Brian Beninga, IT Security Architect, Information Security and Policy Office
  • David Lippe, Systems Administrator, College of Education
  • Ben Rogers, Senior IT Director, ITS Research Services
  • Joe Hetrick, IT Director, ITS Research Services
  • Stephen Hoffman, Principal Engineer, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Chris Wilkins, Systems Administrator, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • JJ Urich, IT Director, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • AJ Klopp, Network Architect, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Katie Kahler, PMO
  • Nick Bell, Senior Communications Infrastructure Engineer, ITS Enterprise Infrastructure