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Identity Management, Year in Review 2017

Door-access automation

  • The Iowa One Card provisioning process became much smoother in the past year because of the Identity Management Project’s door-access automation initiative.
  • Iowa One Card door access can be automatically provisioned based on a person’s status using data feeds from UI systems, such as MAUI (the student-record system), and human resources or housing databases.
  • Along with reducing the effort of assigning door access, automation increases security by ensuring that door access is automatically removed when people are no longer eligible.

OneIT door-access automation project saves significant staff time

Dan Mentzer, Senior Systems Administrator, College of Engineering
Managing door access at the College of Engineering used to be a complex and time-consuming endeavor involving both technical and administrative staff. Even prior to the construction of its new annex, the college had 177 doors with electronic access control. The Iowa One Cards of nearly 3,000 students, faculty, and staff had to be manually provisioned to swipe into the appropriate classrooms, labs, conference rooms, and offices. The process became much more efficient in the past year thanks to a door-access automation initiative—a sub-project of the OneIT Identity Management Project.

Active Directory domain shutdowns

  • The ENGIN, public-health, and dentistry domains were migrated to the main UIOWA AD forest. One migration remains—IIBI (the last of three Engineering domains). OneIT staff is working to ensure that IIBI's needs can be met by the UIOWA AD forest.
  • After the completion of this sub-project, central campus will be down to a single domain (not including UIHC).
  • Decreasing the number of domains reduces colleges’ IT overhead and standardizes user accounts with the rest of campus. 

Collaboration with UI Healthcare

  • Health Care Information Systems and OneIT have pulled together a team to explore collaboration opportunities in identity and access management—processes and technologies used to manage electronic identities.
  • The teams are discussing a long-term vision and immediate areas of opportunity.