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Identity Management, Year in Review 2016

Sub-Projects Completed

Migrating Active Directory Forests

  • Completion of migrations for Public Health and Dentistry active directory (AD) forests to the IOWA AD is near. This will:
    • Decrease the number of domains on campus from six to four.
    • Reduce colleges’ IT overhead and standardize user accounts with the rest of campus.
  • Work has begun with the College of Engineering on migrating its three AD forests into the IOWA AD forest.
    • The Engineering team is focusing on its CCAD domain this summer and will proceed to migrate the ENG and IIBI domains next summer.
    • After the completion of this sub-project, central campus will be down to a single domain (not including UIHC).

Improved Reports for Office 365 Support

  • New directory and authentication (DNA) tool reports were implemented for the Help Desk and Communication and Collaboration teams during the Office 365 migration.
  • Now able to access relevant information on a single page instead of looking in four or more locations, the teams can provide support much more efficiently.