Observation experiences


    1. Talk with your supervisor (see conversation topics below)
    2. Talk with the host and host supervisor to arrange the experience
    3. Be sure you are current on compliances (FERPA Training Course #WFERPA, UIOWA Security Awareness Training - Course #WSANS1, HIPAA Privacy Training - Course #WHIPAA)
    4. Schedule the SPARK observation
    5. Fill out the participation workflow form
    6. After your SPARK experience, review your visit and lessons learned with your supervisor, team, or interested parties
    7. Log your SPARK experience on your timesheet in TeamDynamix or ESC (if you don't see your host department listed in TeamDynamix, please contact it-pmo@uiowa.edu)
    8. Complete the post-SPARK survey to provide valuable feedback

    Host: If you are interested in hosting a group observation experience or open house for colleagues to learn more about your area, email ui-spark@iowa.uiowa.edu to discuss how best to reach your audience in advertising the event. The SPARK host checklist will help you plan the observation and ensure that everyone gets the most they can out of the experience.  Don't forget to fill out the Open House Hosting form to provide valuable feedback on your event!

    Immersion experiences

    Immersion experiences will be initiated organically as a result of business needs or strategic projects. As an opportunity for immersion is identified, a manager, leader or department will partner with human resources to determine the structure of the experience and the required skills, knowledge, and abilities to be considered in candidates.

    These experiences will be advertised to the IT community by email and on the SPARK opportunities page. If you are interested in creating or participating in SPARK immersion experiences, please talk with your supervisor or HR representative. A toolkit is in development for managers, leaders, or departments interested in immersions.

    Topics of conversation when considering a SPARK experience

    With your supervisor:

    • What type of experience are you looking for, and how does this fit into your current or desired position, responsibilities, or career goals?
    • Timing and planning to be absent from your job duties
    • Benefits of the experience to you and your team

    With SPARK experience host:

    • Goals and what you hope to learn from the experience
    • Appropriate timing and length of the experience
    • Any preparation needed to be ready for the experience

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