OneIT strives to cultivate a workforce culture of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We embrace this commitment as mission-critical, not just compliance-driven, and embed it in hiring, incentive, retention, and career-development practices and initiatives.

To clearly communicate our commitment to these ideals, we have drafted a set of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion values that we want to share with members of OneIT and with the members of the broader community of professionals, faculty, students and others that we interact with.

These values should signal our commitment to ideals that we will work to uphold and should guide us in our day-to-day efforts.

The current draft consists of these values:

  • Awareness, understanding, respect, and empathy are critical to achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • A diverse workforce drives innovation, adaptability, and organizational effectiveness towards our institutional missions and the services we provide.
  • An environment that values employees' unique skills, talents, intersectional identities, and  contributions promotes employee growth and personal satisfaction.
  • Civil and respectful sharing and being mindful of others' views in open, honest, and constructive discourse enables an inclusive workplace.

As we move forward these values will supplement our DEI Action Plan and help us when faced with decisions about how to move forward.

To develop the current draft, we reviewed similar work from organizations both on and off campus. We deliberated on what should be included, while keeping the list of values succinct. We revised the values based on feedback we received OneIT Leaders and others.

Now, we want your feedback on these values:

  • Do any of the values as currently written need to change?
  • What is missing from this list?

To share you feedback, please use this Qualtrics form.