The OneIT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is tasked with planning and implementing the OneIT DEI Action Plan in collaboration with OneIT leaders and other campus partners.

The initiatives in the plan are designed to inspire a feeling of belonging, improve retention rates, and increase the number of individuals who would recommend the university as a place of employment for IT professionals and others.

The plan aims to help OneIT colleagues learn more about DEI and apply that knowledge to interactions with others and to the technical solutions our community implements. The community’s ability to understand each other better, communicate using inclusive language, and consider the impact of our work on others will directly influence the success of faculty, staff, and students.

OneIT DEI efforts align with the overall mission of the university and the campus DEI action plan.

To reach the current DEI support liaison, please email at Currently this reaches the DEI Committee co-chairs until the next liaison is selected.

Members of the OneIT DEI committee:

Manda Marshall (she/her/hers)
Enterprise Services

Bill Easton (he/him/his)
Department of Pathology,
University of Iowa Healthcare
Committee Co-Chair

Daniel Bermudez (xe/they)
Enterprise Services
Committee Member

Gabby Perez (she/her/hers)
Research Services
Committee Member

Jeremy Dietmeier (he/him/his)
Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology
Committee Member

José Jiménez
Administrative Information Systems

Committee Chair Emeritus

Kris Hult (he/him/his)
Enterprise Infrastructure
Committee Member

Liz Montag (she/her/hers)
Enterprise Services
Committee Member

Sachin Yawalkar (he/him/his)
Administrative Information Systems
Committee Member

Committee members may be reached individually or via the email address. Feel free to contact us with opportunities for collaboration, feedback, questions, or concerns related to diversity, equity, and inclusion or our DEI Action Plan.

Former members:
Anna Marie Smith
Rachel Napoli
Oscar Hernandez Murcia
T.M. Weissenberger